Seat Riser 4"- Drivers Seat - Malibu 2010 to 2020

Seat base modification will give a 4-inch lift to your driver's seat and add an extra locking storage compartment. The seat base is the base is made out of 6061 billet aluminum and powder coated black. All of the hardware to install this seat base will be provided. The nuts and bolt that are currently holding down your seat will also be used. All of the hardware provided for the install and to assemble the seat base are stainless steel.

The mounting bolt pattern is 7 5/8" wide.

Please measure your seat bolts before ordering. Some non-swivel seats have a more Norris pattern. All the parts are of high quality and will not rust. This seat riser won't fit the Malibu RIDE model. This will fit 2019-2020 models with a non swiveling seat.  Made it the U.S.A.