We are located right in the heart of the midwest in Noblesville, Indiana and we LOVE the lake, in fact we live for the lake! Even more so, is our passion and love for water sports, especially surfing and wakeboarding! So when we set out to become a lake life brand and community, it wasn’t hard for us to get excited about it. We wanted to offer products that everyone on the lake can enjoy and have fun with!

As everybody knows, wake surfing is growing wildly in the lake community and we all want to create the biggest and baddest waves. Thats where we come in! We help provide a simple and economical way to become part of the surfing community. You can take almost any inboard boat, load it down with our ballast bags, create your own awesome wake, and you have yourself a surfboat!

Where It All Started

We started Wake Life because we love being on the lake! We would say we even drift into a bit of depression when boating season ends here in the beautiful midwest!

Over the years, we always had challenges trying to produce the best possible wave in older boats for wake boarding and wake surfing. Trying to create that perfect wake was the goal, but we were always somewhat limited using traditional water ballast bags. They’re great, but are so big you can only put them in lockers, so they won’t be in the way. Many older boats don’t have adequate lockers, so in order to distribute and add enough weight, we created a small shot bag that could be easily handled by anyone. This allowed us to hide them under seats and in other areas. This is when Wake Life Ballast Bags were born!