Jet Fighter

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The all new Jet Fighter is sure to bring the power and turn heads as you fly past others on the water. With a unique design, special features, and 1-4 rider options, it’s the ultimate towable to add to your boating arsenal. Jet Fighter features both a fully covered, double-stitched nylon cover and a patented Speed Safety Value to ensure years of safe riding on the water. The tube’s specially designed bolster fins help keep riders on the tube during wild rides, and our one-of-a-kind Kwik-Connect makes attaching the tube to your rope a breeze.


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Length X Width Deflated: 96in. x 70in.
  • Manual: Download
  • Max Capacity: 4 Riders
  • Tube Style: Other


  • Kwik-Connect
  • Fully Covered
  • Bolster Fins
  • Padded Handles

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